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University of Colima
School of Tourism Licenciatura en Gestión Turística Bachelor of Tourism Management

Subject: Tourism Management Seminar Trainer-Facilitator (coach): D. en C. Irma MagañaCarrillo

Introduction to Subject Matter:

Strategic Planning of the Subject

Vision of the Matter: The participants of this material at end of course apply the self-consciousness and intention inthe use of qualitative and quantitative skills as two key elements of success to be and do. Misión de la Materia: Participants in this workshop course, students of the 8th. Semesters Groups A and B ofthe BA in Tourism Management, whose mission is to think and act according to their qualitative and quantitative learning developed at the time of his career. Strategic Goal: • Identify and tangibilizetheir qualitative and quantitative skills to be an agent of change in society and in the professional field of tourism.

Commitment of the Trainer-Facilitator (coach): • Working with participants ina training to be professional in tourism with the ability to identify and tangibilize their talents to conceptualize competence in qualitative and quantitative skills to generate profit for your "I"and the society they choose to participate.


Profile of the participant to develop effectively on the subject. ☺ Develop commitment and identify two ☺ Acceptance use of the educationalelements to implement. platform. ☺ Be aware of the importance of ☺ Capacity Analysis and conclusion. change. ☺ Self-discipline. ☺ Be willing to change. ☺ Like it success. ☺ Attitude toward change. ☺Development of Self-motivation. ☺ Responsibility for the tasks. ☺ Be your own leader. ☺ Acceptance and openness to ☺ Creativity and Innovation own. qualitative Technology. ☺ Optimism in generating their own ☺Capacity Analysis and conclusion. energy and enthusiasm. .

¿ What do I expect from participants?

☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

Know apply the change.
Is committed to the planned change. Can identify...
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