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Main Elements
The computer system is composed by devices or physical components that interact through a set of established instructions to reach an objective.
A. Hardware
A join of componentsof physical devices that intervene in a computer system.

This can be classified according to their function in: Input devices, Output devices, Processing and Storage.

a. Input devices
Theones from which the information is introduced to the computer to be processed or transformed.

Examples: keyboard, bar code reader, scanner, mouse, webcam, microphone, touch screen, etc.

b.Output devices
The ones that show the user the data previously transformed or processed.
Examples: the printer, the monitor and the speakers.

c. Storage Devices
* Main Memory
It actsdirectly with the CPU in all the input and output operations, allowing to store and to recover instantly data and programs with which it is working.

It’s composed by:
* ROM (Read Only Memory): aprogrammed memory by the manufacturer and it’s permanent memory. Once it’s been written in the memory, it cannot be changed; it can only be read it.

* RAM (Random Access Memory): A memory thatstores information that is being executed in the moment, it can be processed quickly. Its information it is renewed constantly, when you shut down the computer, you lose the information. It’s calledvolatile memory. You can modify it in order to increment it.

* Secondary Memory
It permits to save programs and data permanently.
Examples: the hard disks, the floppy disks, the compact disks (CD),the digital video disks (DVD) and memories USB.
You can measure its storage with a BYTE. The smallest unit of information is a BIT. And with 8 BIT’s you make a BYTE.
Other amounts of memory:
KB:Kilobytes (1,024 bytes)
MB: Megabytes (1,048,576 bytes)
GB: Gigabytes (1,073,741,824 bytes)
TB: Terabytes (1012 bytes)
PB: Petabytes (1015 bytes)
The devices that read and write data are called...
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