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  • Publicado : 25 de febrero de 2013
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Laude Newton College

Diane Blackburn


Alejandro Pomares 11 Omega

My project consisted on a painting a landscape relatedwith John Constable Style. I started doing the background, combining blue and purple watercolours, to obtain a visual effect. It represents John Constable, because of the romantic effect that describesthe water in the horizon.
I researched on Internet how I could do the background and what could I include in my poster and that helped me an awful lot at doing it.
John Constable was an Englishlandscape painter. He died with sixty-one years old. He loved landscapes.
The theme of the majority of his paintings was the familiar ones like: Suffolk, Essex and Brighton. He is known as a greatinnovator of the English landscape.
He uses many effects to reach the perfection of the painting, which I tried on my art work.
I started doing the background, like I have explained before. Then I drawcarefully the rock and its plants, which I coloured with watercolours, to give it a watery effect.
The next thing I did was the sea, which was detail by detail drawn in the final poster. Then I mixedup watercolours up to make the waves on the sea and make it like I said before, Romantic.
The most difficult thing was to make the waves effect and the reflexion of the light in the sea.

I haverealised after producing my artwork that my Ideas that I initially researched from the Internet worked well on my picture. I think that the final project was very good because it has an awful lot ofcolour mixtures and visual effects.
While doing my project, as I have said before, the most difficult thing was to make the waves effect and the reflexion of the light in the sea. But the effort hasworth it. The rock was also difficult because I had to combine the greens and grey colours, which had to look like if it was near the sea.
I enjoyed doing the project because it was hard work that...