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  • Publicado : 18 de noviembre de 2010
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Short Story
One day at night, the family of two children, was eating a cake that the mother made for the father’s birthday. When they finished the cake, Susan and Marlow went to their roomto sleep, because the next day they had school. The mother and the father were talking about the bad conduct of the children in the school. Susan had a punishment, because she kicked theteacher of math, and Marlow insulted the teacher of English class. Then, the father and the mother went to sleep. When all the family was sleeping a thief, called Miss Pe, entered the house,she looked at the things of the kitchen, and she said “no, here isn’t the necklace that I want”, and she went to the room of the mother, and there was the necklace, a gold necklace of themother. Miss Pe stole the necklace and she got out of the house. In the morning, the father was in the shower and the mother shouted “My necklace!” ,and the father got out of the shower and hecalled the police, and he did everything possible to found that necklace. The father was the chief of the police: The police start looking for Miss Pe that was on the top of a mountain.The mother was very angry, because the necklace was a gift of her grandmother. The father saw a house very very far and was the house of Miss Pe, but it was night, and the police didn’t seeanything, so they went to find Miss Pe in the morning of the next day. Susan and Marlow didn’t know anything about the stole. When they arrive at the house, the mother talked to the childrenabout this robbery. Next day, the father and his workers went to found Miss Pe, they go to the top of the mountain, and there was the thief taking advantage of the necklace, the policeentered to the house and hit Miss Pe, and then she apologized a lot, but the police arrived Miss Pe to jail. Then the mother recovered his gold necklace and the family lived happy for ever.