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The violence itself is an intentional act directed at a person or another or others, its purpose is to dominate, control and physically assaulting someone. Well,almost always given by the person who has power to command in t he relationship, as the father and the mother of their sons or daughters, but also the heads of employees, menover women, men over other men and women on other women, but can also be seen against objects, animals or against oneself.

Throughout the world there are many types of violenceViolence is not natural, since many people say that humans are violent by nature, which has always been war and fighting for anything, it is natural that their experiences.

Intentionalviolence if he insults anyone else, give it a shot, looks ugly or a word that tells the other does not like, the perpetrator must be aware to offend the other. Many do it with people who appear weakand innocent of things.

The violence that is given by the controller or power in people over others whether because they have a different job title or higher than the other such as children, youth,women, older people.

Verbal violence is one of the most common in any person may be calling, shouting, herring and offensive words, compliments also to cause violence.

The first thing to note isthat when one speaks of fight we refer to when disputes occur have different views on a particular issue between two or more persons, may be relatives or live in a society. What causes these people isbetween physical aggression and verbal aggression occurs incidentally.

One thing to keep in mind is that family fights are normal and frequent, so our family is no better or worse than others forhaving conflicts.

For this reason the violence is a constant in the lives of many people around the world. Each and every one of us who are living and the dead, have lived or experienced some...
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