Quality of education

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Quality of education on a globalized world:
In the current context of a globalized world characterized by social inequality and poverty, the process of evaluating the quality of education should belinked to the fact of creating and recreating the saver and doings of a wing-oriented curriculum freedom and sustained development humans from a teaching practice supported by the criticism andself-criticism that curricula to promote social commitment for green building a free Citizenship able to break the bonds of dependency and social inequality.
(In this introduction we have tools of logicits most important tool ; relevance because that paragraph have the relevance that we need to saw for understood the problem that we have in the world and in the education in the world.)
In thisscene of globalization from the viewpoint of humanism, no matter the quality but the cualidad of education. A feature that implies that it must be for all, which must be to push steadily improving thequality of life within the framework of freedom, this is what should be measured to see if the education meets the very essence of his mission "make men free to achieve better human developmentindicators and a sense of his own existence for people."
(In this paragraph I think we have all the elements of tool of logic because the author have all the relevance about education in his speech he havethe consistency that we need to talk about education on a globalized world with a lot of discrimination and has sufficient evidence to corroborate these facts).

The educational quality of the otherglobalization calls for a democratic educational practice, which supports repeat otherness and cultural diversity, to propose a curriculum knowledge, skills and abilities to improve the world, acupadministration to support the essence of education libertarian, critical, scientific, secular and inclusive.

(In this paragraph have two tools first is tool of rhetoric and the second is tool of...
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