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9GAG is a comedy website set in Hong Kong[2] and hosted in the United States. Launched in 2008,[citation needed] this website is best known for recurring use of internet memes.
1 Contentand style
1.1 Rules
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3 Criticism
3.1 Lack of originality and rivalry with other websites
3.2 Cyber-bullying
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Content and style

The website is, to someextent, similar in presentation to a blog, whose posts are called ”gags” and are shown nine per page, hence the name of the website. Gags consist entirely of images (and less often YouTube embeddedvideos), sometimes accompanied by text captions, together with a title which usually acts as a short comment or a short description of the gag. The contents and themes of the gags feature existinginternet memes like rage comic characters or lolcats, sketches showing day-to-day activities in a humorous style, jokes concerning stereotypes associated with men, women, politicians and others, criticismof certain artists and actors together with the works of art they are involved in (such as Justin Bieber or Robert Pattinson), the general issue of trolling, certain works of art (often street art),life stories - either humorous or sad, parodies and comments on certain current events, various sayings and citations and sometimes even calls for solidarity for a certain cause. 9GAG is commonly knownby its users to be addicting, or as many users may say, "it takes your soul".
Any registered user can upload gags. Once available, these images go through a vote, on the section of the website titled"Vote". If they receive many votes, they move to a section called "Trending", from where they can later move to the main page, if one gets enough positive votes. Some gags are not available tounregistered users, as they feature jokes or comments on explicit sexual behaviour (even though they are soft in nature). It is not necessary to register to access the site. However, to vote, access...
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