Que es el cambio organizacional

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  • Publicado : 18 de octubre de 2010
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Key Success Factors in Change Management

HR Perspective
By Francisco Perez-Siragusa

What is change?

What is change?
-Doing things differently -Moving from one spot to another -Starting anew era…

What is Change Management?

What is Change Management?
Is a Systematic Approach to deal with change

Why talk about Change Management and it`s impact on Human Resources?

Justto name some reasons:

Just to name some reasons:
a) Most Change initiatives fail because of those who are responsible of implementing it

b) They concentrate efforts and thoughts on what theyhave to give up, not what the are about to gain…

c) People can only handle so much change…as much as they are capable

d) If the effort to change is not consistent, people will fall back andlet up as soon as they feel the pressure is off…

The final analysis…the most important element of a successful change, is people management…

…good people management in a change process willanswer correctly these 3 questions to those impacted by it:

1) Why are we changing? Why is change coming?

2) How does all this change impact me?

3) What´s in it for me with all this change? At this point your people will have shifted from the unaware to the aware level on a commitment point of view, and maybe some will buy the idea of change…

But answering this questions correctlywill only get you halfway on your journey through change…

You need to shift your people from a Buy In to an Engagement Level!

There are 3 Key Success Factors in Change Management…

1 You need a Purpose…


This clear purpose will give your team a context of the past and the future…

Where the future is just the same environment only with better conditions…

YourPurpose needs to be the CENTER of your Change Management Process


Then you Need a Method…

You Create a Project Leading Team

You Create a Project Leading Team
a) Establish Leadership...