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The Organization of the Treaty of the North Atlantic (NATO) is a political and military international organization created as resulting from the negotiations between the signatories of the Treaty of Brussels (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom), the United States and Canada, as well as other five countries of Western Europe invited to participate (Denmark,Italy, Iceland, Norway and Portugal), with the objective to organize Europe before the threat of the Soviet Union after World War II, that constituted a parallel organization to the Pact of Varsovia.1 the seat of NATO is in Brussels and the one of its military commando (SHAPE) in Mons. , Belgium. By means of logistic means of the allied countries, NATO cohesiona and organizes the countries alliedin political, economic and military matter. The elect Secretary General is Anders Fogh Rasmussen, prime minister of Denmark from 2001 to 2009. This one was chosen Saturday 4 of April of the 2009 during the summit of the 60 anniversary of this organization and took possession first from August of he himself year.
Génisis: In 1949, in the heat of postwar period of World War II, in the West sawwith preoccupation the expansionistic policy that was following the Union Soviet. It was evident that the UN could not be able by itself to maintain La Paz in the world, since the numerous Soviet vetoes prevented it. The imposition of nondemocratic governments and the elimination of many of the human rights in Central and Eastern Europe by Soviet influence increased the pressure in Western Europe.The necessity of an association of countries every time was more manifest, so that in March of 1948, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom they signed the Treaty of Brussels, by which they created a military alliance, the Atlantic Alliance. Before the increasing Soviet threat, it was decided to extend the Alliance, reason why negotiations between the United States, Canada andthe Atlantic Alliance were carried out, to which it was decided to invite to Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Norway and Portugal. The negotiations turned around the creation of a military alliance that had a base in article 51 of the Letter of the United Nations, and had like result the signing of the Treaty of Washington, the 4 of April of 1949, by that the bases of the creation settled down theOrganization of the Treaty of the North Atlantic. One of the difficulties arisen during the negotiations was related to the integration of the United States in the Organization
The European countries, devastated after the war, were interested in allying itself with the United States thus to make sure an effective defense, but in the United States this will did not share. Nevertheless, the blow ofthe Prague, the 12 of March of 1948 and the blockade of Berlin in 1949 increased the vindication on the part of the European, specially of France, the creation of a military alliance with the United States: privily, in the United Kingdom an agreement was signed, call Pentagon Paper by which an outline settled down of how it had to be an alliance in the North Atlantic. After the constitution ofNATO, new countries they went adhering to her. In 1952 they were united both first, Greece and Turkey. The Federal Republic of Germany acceded in 1955 and, in 1982, Spain also signed the Treaty. The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland became members in 1999. In 2004 they acceded Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania and Rumania. And, finally, the Croatia and Albania in 2009.Beginnings: Theoretically destined to being a guarantee of security of the states of Western Europe before the Soviet Union and its allies. The Warsaw Pact was created later, in 1955, to resist to NATO after the admission and the possible rearmament of the Federal Republic of Germany. As he were to him own to the conjuncture of the cold war the forces of NATO acted only like dissuasive force. In 1954,...
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