Que es marketing de guerrilla

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2010
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What is Guerrilla Marketing?
…and what makes it “Guerrilla”? Guerrilla Marketing is any alternative form of marketing using non-conventional means, methods or medias; usually involving arevolutionary, different, or rarely seen application of information. The term “Guerrilla Marketing” comes from the combat-related base word; “guerrilla”, defined as a member of a band of irregular soldiers thatuses guerrilla warfareharassing the enemy by surprise raids. This also pertained to such fighters or their technique of warfare, such as guerrilla tactics. Guerrilla marketing was first described as“an unconventional way of performing promotional activities on a very low budget.” While this definition was originally true and is still frequently applied by many small businesses, Guerrilla Marketinghas also been used increasingly by Fortune 500 companies, often on a large scale with equally large budgets. It is argued by some that small size is an advantage when implementing guerrilla marketingtactics; and in order to be “truly guerrilla” it must be small business related. According to this argument, small businesses are able to obtain more publicity for these “stunts” than large,established companies. Modern Guerrilla Marketing Today, Guerrilla Marketing is a more loosely defined term, and is more of a general description, for an entire category of many differing types ofnon-traditional marketing methods. These various alternative marketing concepts include; Viral or Blog marketing through social networks, Ambient, Presence and Grassroots marketing, Buzz or word of mouth,Undercover or stealth marketing, as well as Experiential marketing through live interaction with products. Although, as some of these methods such as Social Media become more widely excepted, should theystill qualify as “Guerrilla”? Modern Guerilla Marketing can infiltrate any high-traffic areas; from internet sites and shopping malls, to nightclubs, parks, beaches and special events to engage...
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