Que haria ud para cambiar la mala imagen que tiene colombia a nivel mundial

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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2011
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Some factors that makes Colombia faces a bad image around the world:

1. What would you do to change this bad image?

We live in a lucky country whit a great beauty, friendly and intelligentpeople, but unfortunately we also have people who generate violence, this is what has created a negative internationally image.

To change this image we would begin changing ourselves. This change isnot easy, what we have to do for beginning is to raise young people with values ​​and culture, and teach them that the only way to achieve the dreams is working hard, because it helps us to build abetter future.

2. Write 5 solutions that help to show a good image in Colombia:

* Lowering the violence indexes and terrorism.
* Restructuring the national education system to determinewhat makes the education go wrong.
* The government should make a correct income distribution.
* To make a good publicity that shows the different things and destines we have in our country.* Giving a good impression to our tourist help us to make them come back to our country, and invite other people to visit us.

Phase II

Colombia is localized in the equatorial zone; it has atopographic variety, we can see from jungles and tropical forest to moor.

Colombia is the only South American country which have coast in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, where it hasseveral islands as the San Andres and providence archipelago. Colombia is the fourth country with the highest territorial extension of South America, and the third country in South America with more peopleon it, with 45 million of people, being overcome just for Mexico and Brazil.

Colombia is highest recognized for its coffee, flowers, emeralds, coal and petroleum, its cultural diversity and to bethe second country with more biodiversity in the world.

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