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Queen Anne’s Reign

Succession to the throne

Anne was the daughter of James II and Anne Hyde, and Mary’s younger sister. After Mary’s death, her husband, William III came to the throne. Asthey had not any children, Anne succeeded William III after his death in 1702. A month before, she married Prince George of Denmark, Duke of Cumberland.
Almost immediately after she succeeded to thethrone, the war of Spain succession started. Since Charles II was ill and as he did not have an heir, France and Austria claimed the Spanish throne.
Despite the fact that England supported Austria,France won the war and Phillip, Duke of Anjou, came to the throne and was crowned as Phillip V of Spain in 1713, one year before Anne’s death.
After dying of gout, at the age of 49, in 1714 the thronewas claimed by her half-brother James The Old Pretender but as he was considered an illegitimated son by British society he had to escape to France. Consequently, George I, son of Anne’s Aunt Sophia,self proclaimed King and nobody opposed it due to the fact that there was no other heir.


Literature was based on the burlesque (satire) style. Information was spread out bynewspapers and pamphlets but mostly letters and books written by different authors such as:
 Jonathan Swift: He wrote an important play called “Tale of a tub”, in which he harshly criticized religion.
Daniel Defoe: He created the newspaper “The Review” and he also used to write satirical poems, political and religious pamphlets.
 Joseph Addison: He created “The Tatler” and with Richard Steele“Spectator” magazines.
 Alexander Pope: He wrote “The rape of the lock”, which was a mock-heroic narrative poem, as well as the “Essay on Criticism” which showed the literary style of the epoch.


The main political parties in Anne’s reign were the Tory and Whig.
After the Glorious Revolution in 1688, a constitutional and limited monarchy was created in England, which reflected...
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