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Written assignment

A few months ago, my family and I decided to visit Queretaro.

Queretaro is one of the 32 states of Mexico, its ubicated at the center of the country in a region known as “ElBajío”.
Queretaro limits at the North with San Luis Potosi, at the West with Guanajuato, at the East with Hidalgo, at the Southeast with Mexico and at the Southwest with Michoacan.
This state of therepublic, is full of history, that´s why the UNESCO declared it as a Cultural Patrimony of the humanity in 1996.
The name of Queretaro comes from the purepecha language “K'erhiretarhu” or“K'erendarhu”, that means place of big rocks or rocky crag, in otomi Queretaro is known as Maxei, and in nahuatl Chichimecalco that means place of the chichimecas.
Another version says that the name comes fromotomi, with the meaning of “ the blue salamander island” or in purepecha that means “place of reptiles”.

The first time I visited Queretaro was for vacations with my family, we stayed there fourdays, I remember my visit to Cerro de las Campanas, the center of Queretaro, and all the churches that are in the center.

For my first visit I must admit, that the center of the city is amazing, areally great place to live, when my boyfriend gave me a tour where the wealthy families live, I saw that most of the houses have an enormous garden, I could compare wealthy houses of Queretaro with homesof Satelite.
Now, theres something curious happening with the states that surround Queretaro, almost all the people whos in the industry side, are moving to the growing Queretaro, this of course, ismaking Queretaro bigger and wealthier

Three good things about my trip, well, the first one, is that I really loved Queretaro, its warm and clean, second, the sky is completely blue and at nightthe sky is so clean that stars are watchable, and of course theres not that amount of smog compared with DF or Mexico State.
Three bad things could be, that my trip was really short, that now at...
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