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• Question tags are short questions at the end of statements. We form them with the auxiliary or modal verb from the main sentence and the appropriate subject pronoun.
Tom is adoctor, isn’t he?
• We use question tags in speech in order to confirm something or to find out if something is true or not.
• A positive statement takes a negative question tag.
Maryhas gone to the shopping centre, hasn’t she?
• A negative statement takes a positive question tag.
He can’t be a tennis player, can he?
• When the verb of the sentence is in the presentsimple, we use do/does in the question tag.
Melissa works for an art gallery, doesn’t she?
They watch TV, don’t they?
• When the verb of the sentence is in the past simple, we use did inthe question tag.
He delivered the parcel, didn’t he?
• When the sentence contains a word with a negative meaning, like never, rarely, seldom or hardly, the question tag is positive.
Theynever spend their summer holiday abroad, do they?
• Some verbs/expressions form question tags differently:
I am – aren’t I? I’m right, aren’t I?
Imperative – will you, wont you? Turn offthe lights, will you / won’t you?
Don’t – will you? Don’t shout, will you?
Let’s – shall we? Let’s go for a walk, shall we?
I have (got) – haven’t I? They have (got) two cars, haven’tthey?
I have (other meanings) – don’t I? She has breakfast at 8 o’clock, doesn’t she?
There is – isn’t there? There is a flight to Toronto tonight, isn’t there?
This / That is – isn’t it?That’s your sister, isn’t it?

• When we are sure for the answer, the voice goes down in the question tag. (v)
You live in London, don’t you? (v)
• When we are not sure of theanswer and want to check information, the voice goes up in the question tag. (^)
She didn’t call, did she? (^)

Short Questions
• We use short questions in conversation to show...
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