Question types

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Types of Questions
Closed-ended Questions * Require a yes or no, or short response * Clarify one fact or point * Confirm * Elicit limited information * Control the conversation *Provide a choice * Put the client at ease * Induce conversation from a shy/reluctant buyer * Salesperson carries the burden of the conversation * Create a false sense of getting “good” information |Examples of Closed Probes * Have you studied Spanish before? * Do you have a timeline in mind? * When do you want to start your classes? * Do you need to conduct business in English? * Whenare you available to take classes? * When are you relocating? * Will you be paying for these classes yourself or will your company sponsor you? * What company do you work for? * Has yourcompany used Berlitz for language training in the past? * How many hours a week can you dedicate to your lessons? |
Open-ended Questions * Require a longer response * Get the customer to starttalking * Encourage customer to describe real situations, experiences, particular events or projects * Uncover needs without making assumptions * Follow the customer’s motivations and priorities* Invite the client to share how they managed a situation * Invite the client to tell us an outcome | Examples of Open Probes * Why are you interested in taking language classes? * How haslearning English been difficult for you? * How will learning Italian help you in your new position? * What do you want to achieve in terms of your language skills? * Tell me more about … * Clarifyfor me … * Why is that important to you? * What are your thoughts on …? * What did you mean by …? |
High Gain Questions * Designed to provoke deeper thought * Stimulate speculation,evaluation and feelings * Provide better insights into problems * Expose underlying issues that impact the buying decision | Examples of High Gain Questions * How would learning Greek change your...
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