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1) Make a comparison between the monster cave and  Hrothgar’s castle:
-Grendel lived under the water in a darkness cave
- Hrothgar’s castle was a beautiful andhappy place
2) When Grendel attack the castle?
-At night before the sunrise, when the victims was sleeping.
3) How they try to calm the monster?
-Offering gold andland
4) How is the king hrothgar seem by this people?
-As a good king.
5) Who is wulfgar?
- was the person who went to look for Beowulf
6) When Beowulf receivedwulfgar why did he ask to his men to keep the weapons?
- to protect Beowulf from the steep roof
7) Where Beowulf and hrothgar become friends?
- when Beowulf acceptto fight vs grendel
8 Who is unferth explain the relationship
Unferth was the son of Ecglaf, also he felt jealous of Beowulf
9) (262-290) is Beowulf humble or not?- history of the fight between Beowulf and Brecca in the sea. Yes he is very he just talk about his skills
10) What Beowulf think about unferth.
- Beowulf thinksunferth is not only a slayer because he killed his siblings, but also is a envious man
11) In the battle with grendel find a paradox , an image and a myth
12) Whois higlac?
He is cousin of hrothgar
13) What is herot made of?
-ivory iron and wood
14) Who won the battle?
-Beowulf won the battle but Grendel could escape
15)Read 528 until 533 tell what is the symbol of the image
in this part grendel looks derrotado and without magic
16) What makes think that the history doesn’t endhere?
Because grendel’s mother is alive, and Beowulf is going to find her to save once again herot. the king is going to reward him if Beowulf win the next battle.