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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2011
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Overall quality management and control system For improved process.


Example of the QUICCA system configuration


Overall quality management and control system
Often quality control systems operate on production lines 24/7/365 without a quick and easy way to collect and monitor the data. The data collected by the systems throughout the facility can improve processes, preventrecalls, increase yields and generally improve overall quality of the product. The QUICCA system provides an easy integrated means to review all Anritsu quality control devices from one base location online and remotely providing a means to easily document production line results and quality concerns.

Automatic Combination Weighers

X-ray Inspection System

Metal Detectors

CheckweighersProduction Line


QUICCA centralizes control and operation status and data for the overall factory. “for the entire production

QUICCA normally monitors and records the normal operation status of all the production lines within a factory and is capable of promptly performing an analysis by narrowing the target to the specific devices on the line as soon as an abnormality isdocumented.
PC Server Shares data on the incorporation of foreign matte

■ Main screen for monitoring all the liens
Line monitor screen

■ Production control can be implemented anywhere and anytime.
When connected to a mail server, the X-ray inspection system is capable of monitoring the status of devices and automatically transmitting the statistics of production, error messages, and otheritems to the production manager, who can thus assess the status of production anywhere and anytime.

X-ray Inspection System


Mail notifying the Mail conveying occurrence of an error statistical information

■ Checks and Analyzes the detailed operation status of each device
The detailed data of the device can be viewed by clicking the system on the line monitor screen.

●Production control graph
Allows you to detect a line error at an early stage and take appropriate measures accordingly.

● Centralized monitoring of specific points
Capable of monitoring and focusing on specific points of a specific line
Example of a monitoring image of the X-ray inspection system

● Remote control
The types of inspected items can be switched, operation can be stopped, and variousproduction line parameter settings can be made from the control room.

Histogram control diagram display Control diagram display such as Xbar-R and Xbar-s Judgment screen Transparent image monitor

Conveyor screen Parameter setting screen

Data search output screen
Narrows down the target information from an enormous amount of data. The output wizard assists with the collection of thisspecific data.

● Output wizard screen

● Log window

Allows you to view the list of history, including the operation status of each device and setting change.

Example of the extracted output screen

● Example of HTML output
Example of the display of transparent images and various conditions in HTML file format on the browser

● Example of CSV output
Example of the display of individual dataoutput in SCSV format

Simple data analysis
The data output in CSV format can be analyzed using Excel analysis tools, etc. for future forecast and cause analysis. Unique data analysis can thus be made in accordance with the production line.
CSV output data

Example of the CSV output data

● Approximation prediction using an Excel analysis tool
Time-sharing batch processing of individualdata graphically displays the coefficient of variation (CV), etc., making fine adjustment of the filler used.

● Creation of time-base traceability
The data collected from each system can be plotted on the time axis, allowing you to create a unique traceability system.

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