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Quickoffice® for iPhone
Quickoffice is the first integrated office suite to allow ACCESS, VIEW, EDIT, and SHARE of native Microsoft® Excel and Word files on the iPhone. Quickoffice now brings even more office functionality and connectivity to iPhone users, enabling a true, next-generation mobile office experience. Quickoffice nowsupports creating, opening, and editing Microsoft® Office 2007 files.

Quickoffice Quality and Expertise
Quickoffice for iPhone is developed by Quickoffice, Inc., the world’s leading provider of mobile office productivity solutions. Quickoffice software is embedded on more than 100 million smartphones worldwide and used by millions of satisfied customers every day. We are pleased to bring thisexperience to iPhone customers.
Microsoft Office compatibility - Files edited or created with Quickoffice are saved in native Microsoft formats eliminating any content or format loss.
Optimized for mobile devices - Quickoffice (Word and Excel editors) is built such that it demands the least memory or processing power, thus allowing you to open complex files with ease.
It is a Reader, notjust a Viewer – Word Processor wraps text thereby eliminating scrolling horizontally, thus allowing you to read the document easily.
Advanced Spreadsheet Calculation Engine – Allows you to handle professional grade spreadsheets with ease.

3 Applications in One
Quickoffice for iPhone is really 3 applications in one:
Quickoffice Connect – Provides rich features to transfer files between yourcomputer and iPhone. Integration with Google Docs, Dropbox, MobileMe, and Box.net lets you access, view, edit, and share your online documents from anywhere. Allows you to view many different file formats including PDF, iWork, PowerPoint and pictures.
Quickword – Create or edit Microsoft Word documents (Supports DOC and DOCX format)
Quicksheet – Create or edit Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.(Supports XLS and XLSX format)

Quickoffice Connect™
With Quickoffice Connect, you’ll have easy access to your content from anywhere with your iPhone or the iPod touch. New in version 3.1 of Quickoffice Connect™, we have included the full editing capabilities of our awarding winning Quickoffice Connect™ Mobile Suite Quickoffice. If you have not already purchased theQuickoffice Connect™ Mobile Suite, we ask that you upgrade to it from the free Quickoffice Connect™ version to save any edits that you make.

In-App Upgrade
Upgrading is only applicable to users of the free Quickoffice Connect™ application. Upgrading to the full version of Quickoffice Connect™ Mobile Suite from the free Quickoffice Connect™ version will you to save any edits that you make to files.You can upgrade at any time:
From the Welcome Screen by clicking on the Upgrade to Full Version button
From the Connect Screen by clicking on the Upgrade to Full Version button
From the Save dialog box by clicking on the Upgrade Now
Any of these buttons will take you to the Upgrade screen. Click on the Quickoffice Connect™ Mobile Suite banner and complete the Apple purchase process. Afterupgrade, the application returns you to where you started the upgrade process. If you upgraded while working in a document, you are returned to that document with all your edits still intact. You can now save those edits to either your iPhone, or any of your connected online services.
Transfer Files To Your iPhone
Transferring files to your iPhone is simple and does not require you to install anysoftware on your computer. Make sure you have turned Wi-Fi on your iPhone and your computer and iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network. You can transfer documents to your Quickoffice application on your iPhone any time Quickoffice is running. File transfers can happen in the background while you do your work.
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