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Adverbs of Frequency
We use adverbs of frequency to say how often we do things. Adverbs of frequency go before all verbs EXCEPT the verb to be.
De menos a mas:Never – hardly ever – rarely (seldom) – sometimes – usually (often)- always
Note 1: Remember that with never and hardly ever we use POSITIVE sentences.
Example:- We don’t never smoke. (INCORRECT)
- We never smoke.
Note 2: With don’t and doesn’t we use the adverb of frequency after these and before the verb.
Example:- We don’t usually travel.
Note 3: Sometimes can go at the beginning of the sentence. (Sometimes puede ir al comienzo de una oración)
The adverbs of frequencyanswer the typical question starting with “How often”.
1) How often do you brush your teeth?
I always brush my teeth
2) How often does your mothercook?
She seldom/rarely cooks.
3) How often is Claudio late for class.
He is never late for class
** How often = Con que frecuencia. Para decir la horas exactauno tambien puede preguntar (What time?) Para responder la hora exacta utilizamos la preposicion “at” antes de la hora.
1. Ejemplo:
What time do you wake up?
Iwake up at 7:00 am.

Underline the adverbs of frequency

1._ I sometimes go never to the gym.

2._She usuallyleaves home always at 7p.m.

3._they always do their homework sometimes in the evenings.4._ Mary usually is often late for work.

5._ Often Lillian hardly ever eats chocolate.

6._ Jean-Paul sometimes is never in bed before 11.30.
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