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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2010
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Formal Report

Title: Brown vs. White Eggshells
Experiment date: November 3, 2010

Purpose: This experiment was done to determine and compare the calcium carbonate content of brown and whiteeggshells. This was done by crushing both types of eggshells and having them react with 3M HCl to compare their compositions.

1) Cracked an uncooked brown shell egg and white shell egg,dispose of the yolk and liner.
2) Crush both shells separately until powder in a mortar pestle.
3) Once crushed all the way, weigh about 0.5g of the powder like eggshell.
4) Measure 5mLof 3M HCl in a 10mL graduated cylinder.
5) Pour into the beaker with the powder like eggshell and mix until most of it is dissolved. Bubbles will form during this process.
6) Once the bubbleshave gone away, use a vacuum filter to separate the solid from the solution.
7) Let dry overnight.
8) The following day, weigh the dried solid of each brown and white eggshell on an analyticalbalance, SEPARATELY. This will be showing how much Calcium Carbonate is in the eggshells.
9) Each solid should be weighed twice for both the brown and white eggshell.

Safety Precautions: Labcoats and goggles were required because of the use of an acid. Gloves were optional.

Procedure Summary: The eggshell was cracked and crushed in a mortar pestle, once the eggshell became powder it wasweighed on analytical balance with a weight of 0.4995g. After the weight was recorded it was placed in a 100mL beaker. Next, 3M HCl was measured in a 10mL graduated cylinder up to 5mL. Once 5mL wasmeasured, it was poured into the 100mL beaker with the eggshell powder. The solution was then mixed until most of the powder was dissolved. After most of the powder dissolve, it was let sit while thecarbonation went down allowing the other three trials to be completed. Once all four trials were finished and the carbonation settled, a vacuum filter was used to separate the calcium carbonate from...
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