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  • Publicado : 9 de octubre de 2010
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Biography of Jacques Yves Cousteau
By Juan Felipe Jimenez
French oceanographer, inventor, photographer, explorer, and environmentalist

He born in France (Saint-André-de-Cubzac) in June 11 of1910 and died in June 25 of 1997 (Paris).
Cousteau was a sickly child that is what a doctor said to his parents, so, the boy could not participate in sports and physicals activities, besides thiswarning the kid learned to swim and he developed a strong love for the sea and its creatures. In 1930 he entered France´s naval academy, here, he received a pair of underwater goggles, after this importantsuccess in his life he designed a device that would allow humans to breath under water (scuba).
Cousteau then helped remove mines from French seas left over from the war, one those boats was calledthe calypso and after few years it would become cousteau´s research ship.
On the calypso cousteaeu make a lot of expeditions which advanced knowledge of the deep by gathering underwater flora (plants)and fauna (animals) and by extensively photographing the underwater world, which is more vast than the surface above water.
In 1960 Cousteau was an important part of the movement to prevent thedumping of French atomic waste into the Mediterranean Sea. This movement ended in success.

Jacques Cousteau was an undersea explorer, a photographer, an inventor of diving devices, and a writer. Mostimportant was his work that he produced and wrote for television, which enlightened audiences around the world on the subjects of the ocean's natural treasures and the effects of pollution.

In 1966Cousteau's first hourlong television special, "The World of Jacques-Yves Cousteau," was broadcast. The program's high ratings were important in landing Cousteau a contract with the AmericanBroadcasting Company (ABC), which resulted in the series "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" in 1968. The. In order to raise public opinion against pollution, in 1975 he founded the Cousteau Society, an...
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