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In-Text/Parenthetical Citations
When you quote from a work or give information that you found elsewhere, you have to give credit to the source in your essay (NOT footnotes).

In(Name of Work), (Name of Author) writes, “ ” (#).

Example: In “The Angel at the Grave,” Edith Wharton writes, “She felt a desperate longing to escape into the outer air” (38).

Edith Whartonwrites, “She felt a desperate longing to escape into the outer air” (“The Angel at the Grave,” 38).

Paulina suddenly “felt a desperate longing to escape into the outer air” (Edith Wharton,“The Angel atthe Grave,” 38).

When quoting from poems, use slashes between lines and give LINE, not page numbers:

In “The Farmer’s Bride,” Charlotte Mew writes, “She sleeps up in the attic there/Alone, poormaid” (42-43).

When reporting information you found elsewhere WITHOUT quoting, still give credit:
In The Annotated H. P. Lovecraft, Joshi claims that Lovecraft was indeed familiar withEinstein’s theories, and notes that in 1936 Lovecraft is recorded to have attended a lecture by the scholar Professor Dayton C. Miller who attempted to discuss the outmoded “aether” theory of the universe interms of Einstein’s new theories (270-271).

Works Cited Page
The last page of your paper should have the words Works Cited in boldface at the center top of the page. All your texts should be listedalphabetically by author’s last name.

Standard Book:
Wells, Dan. I Am Not a Serial Killer. New York: Tor Books, 2010. Print.

Text from our anthology:
Wharton, Edith. “The Angel at theGrave.” The Norton Anthology of Literature By Women. Vol. 2. 3rd Edition. Eds. Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2007. 31-43. Print.

Electronic Journals:
Usethe given citation information (cut and paste)

Campbell, Donna. The Edith Wharton Society Site. Edith Wharton Society. 12 October 2010. Web. 12 October 2010.

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