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Directions: Read the following situations and suggest possible answers. Use might have in your answers.

Example: Harry is upset. He's searched his pockets and retraced his steps, but he still can't find his wallet, What do you think he's done with it?

He might have left it in the car.

1. Jane and Harry moved recently. Harry hasn't been able to find his stampcollection since the move. What do you think happened to it?

2. Linda said that she had sent me a letter, but I never received it. I wonder what happened.

3. I ran into Bill and Marge yesterday. I hadn't seen them for 5 years and they were struggling then, but Bill was really spending money yesterday. I wonder where he got his money. What do you think?

4. My cousin borrowed $100.00 from me andthen left Vancouver. I wonder why he didn't pay me back before he left. What do you think?

5. John looked at a house last week, but he didn't buy it. I wonder why.

6. Steve and Mary were going to get married. The date was set and the invitations had been sent out when suddenly the wedding was postponed. I wonder why.

7. Barry was supposed to leave for Brazil last Thursday. His companywas sending him on an important assignment, but I saw him last night at a concert. I wonder why he didn't go to Brazil.

8. My sister was due to arrive on the 4 o'clock plane but didn't. I wonder what happened to her.

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Directions: Make a guess about why the following things happened.

Use might have, or could have in your answers.

Example: Frank said he would call me today, buthe never did.
He might have forgotten about the call.

1. Nancy quit her job at the bank yesterday. I wonder why.

2. I saw an old friend on the street the other day. I waved at him, but he just walked on by.

3. Our neighbors are moving. I wonder why. I thought they liked their house.

4. Bob left our party very early last night.

5. My car's not here!

6. Janeusually comes to class every day, but she wasn't here all last week.

7. Mike's usually a very friendly guy. I wonder why he was so rude to us yesterday.

8. I wonder why the police stopped the car in front of us.

9. I wonder why our cat has a long scratch on its back.

10. Susan told her boyfriend that she wanted to stop seeing him.

11. She said she would be at my house at 6:00. It's after8:00 now. I wonder what happened to her.

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Directions: Read each situation and decide what probably happened. Use must have in your answers.

Example: Roy's job starts at 8:00 a.m. I phoned his house at 7:45 a.m., but there was no answer.

He must have left for work.

1. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that the light was still on.

2. Only 10 % of thestudents who took the exam passed.

3. Martin and Daniela are married. When I saw them today, they weren't talking to each other and kept giving each other bad looks.

4. Shana went for a job interview. When she got home, she looked very happy.

5. Sam and Sara went on a holiday. It was their first holiday in five years. When their daughter picked them up at the airport, they looked very restedand cheerful.

6. Joe shares an apartment with a friend. Today, after work, he decided to have a glass of wine, but he found out that the bottle was empty.

7. A number of people in the audience left in the middle of the movie.

8. Paula parked her car and went into the dry cleaners to pick up some clothes. When she looked back at her car, she saw that it was rolling down the hill.

9. I1eft my sweater at a bus stop. I went back to get it, but it was gone.

10. The weather office warned all boaters to stay off the water.

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|Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences using should have.
Example :I didn't wash the dishes. My mother is angry. What should I have done?
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