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Power Quality Analyser

QWave Premium
Quality assurance in low and medium voltage systems Recording of mains disturbances and power quality Monitoring of protection and substation control systems Analysis of disturbances and their causes Determination of load capacity reserves at the transformer and feeders Acquisition and analysis of transient events Monitoring of voltage quality according toEN 50160 and IEC 1000-4-30 Detection of interfering mains feedback and expensive power peaks Functional check of the ripple control system General
Measuring System
QWave Premium is a Power Quality Analyser, which offers all functions necessary to perform network analysis, quality assurance evaluations and interference source detections. A large data memory provides a method of effectinglong-term recordings. All data is saved even without connection of the instrument to an evaluation computer. No information will be lost. The recordings are the basis for detailed evaluations and analysis to assess disturbances and the mains voltage quality. QWave Premium records and provides historical event data, which protective relays or protective switches have induced and how the resources haveperformed. QWave Premium combines many different measurement systems – digital recorder, power and frequency logger, and mains quality recorder – all in one instrument. The following measurements can be made with QWave Premium: RMS values with programmable resolution Oscilloscope data Voltage, current and power analyses Load and energy measurements Frequency analysis Transient analysis Signallingvoltage analysis Mains voltage quality analysis as per EN50160 / IEC-1000-4-30 In case of disturbances, QWave Premium automatically sends the recorded data with the reporting software NOTIFY to a central processing computer, providing the operating personnel with an immediate overview of the interference.

The permanently installed solution for fast and efficient performance of measurements inindustrial or energy distribution.

The following measurement and evaluation processes are available
Mains voltage quality measurement as per EN50160 and IEC1000-4-30 Harmonics ( according to IEEE-519 and IEC-1000-4-7 ) Interharmonics ( according to IEEE-519 and IEC-1000-4-7 ) Flicker ( according to IEC-1000-4-15 ) Voltage variations ( according to IEC-1000-4-30 ) Umbalance Frequency Measurementwith adjustable averaging intervals: 10 ms ... 24 h r.m.s. values of voltage r.m.s. values of current Active power Apparent power Power factor Energy Oscilloscope mode Voltage Current Frequency spectrum of Voltage Current Active power Reactive power Unbalance Symmetrical components Interference source detection Flicker sources Voltage dips Distortion Resonances Analysis of signalling voltageMeasurement of signalling frequency Level measurement r.m.s. versus time

Transients 100 kHz to 10 MHz sampling rate per channel Up to 2 s recording time Triggering at voltage level of high-frequency signal components 6 kV input voltage Hardware Synchronised sampling 19“ rack mounting, metal housing Large memory for long-term measurements GPS time synchronisation Communication and data transferEthernet Serial interface External modem QWave Premium was developed in conjunction with energy supply companies with a view to field application and the requirements of operating electrical energy supply plants. QWave Premium is delivered with TOPAS application software:

Memory management
It is possible to limit the hard disk memory for the various types of files. This will avoid the hard diskbeing filled unintentionally, e.g., with instantaneous values. The memory management can be ”linear” or ”circular“. In the ”linear“ mode, no more data is stored on reaching the memory limit. In the ”circular“ mode, the oldest data records are overwritten.

The r.m.s. values of the interharmonics are measured. If a threshold level is exceeded, oscillograms are recorded and the...
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