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Rabbit Proof Fence
Doris Pilkington Garimara

1 Who said or wrote this in the story? Alf Fields, Constable Riggs, Daisy, Gracie, Martha, Maude, Miss Evans, Molly, Mr A. O. Neville, Mrs Flanagan.a__ ‘Two of your aunties have had babies and
they’re both muda-mudas, like you.’
b__ ‘I got two sisters! I got two sisters coming
to Jigalong!’ ………..
c__ ‘Find the three half-castegirls, Molly,
Gracie and Daisy, at Jigalong and bring
them in.’ ……….
d__ ‘Come on. Get in the back. Hurry up! I
want to get started. We’ve got a long way to
go.’ ……….
e__ ‘Thepoliceman was just doing his job –
doing what the law tells him to do. If I try
to stop him, they’ll put me in prison.’
f__ ‘I take care of the girls here. I’ll take you to
thedormitory. This way.’ ……….
g__ ‘The food never gets any better. We get
meat sometimes at dinner, but mostly we
get soup with not much meat in it.’ ……….
h__ ‘Now come with me, and I’ll get you somecoats to wear.’ ……….
i__ ‘My legs hurt, Dgudu. I can’t walk.’
j__ ‘Maybe we wait a bit, Dgudu. Maybe
Gracie’ll come back?’ ……….
20 marks
2 Are these sentences true (T) or false(F)?
a Molly grows up with her mother and father in the bush.
b Molly’s mother, Maude, goes with the girls to the Native Settlement.
c At the Native Settlement, the girls are locked inthe dormitory at night.
d The girls can speak in their own language at the Native Settlement.
e In the bush the girls meet two Mardu men who give them matches.
f Molly always tellspeople exactly where they are going.
g A lot of people hear the news about the escaped girls.
h Molly and Daisy decide to catch the train and look for their mothers.
i Molly and Daisyarrive home safely.
j Gracie is taken back to the Native Settlement.
20 marks
3 Put the following events from the story in the right order. Number them 1–5.
a Molly decides to escape from...
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