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  • Publicado : 20 de enero de 2011
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Ruth Moya
Mr. Segovia
Chicano/ Latino Studies
Period 5
November 3, 2010

The American Southwest

It’s unbelievable how racism is still going on, in every part of the country andthe world discrimination is still going on. Why? Why don’t get along like brothers that we are. Back in the 1848s racism was legal, as well as slavery. This essay is mainly response in discussing theissues related to Mexican landholder now living in the U.S., “Bandits”, and the story of Pablo De La Guerra and Manuel G. Gonzales’s conclusion. These issues were chosen as the most recognize in thelate 1848 through the 1900s.

U.S won the war and ripped off Mexican north territory. The Mexican did not have another choice than selling their land to a powerful country. After the war, 75,000thousand Mexicans decided to stay in the north and became US citizens knowing that is was going to be the start of a new beginning. Mexicans that stay in U.S suffered many experiences; Mexicans losttheir land, and were and still being discriminated. “Anglos” seem Latinos as inferior, and Anglos are wrong because in present day, Latinos are taking a stand, Latinos are moving up the ladder, the CaseSystem is not longer an obstacle. “…but the most persistent reason for the prejudice felt by Americans was that Mexicans were dark-skinned people. The lack of acceptance of darker skins by mostEuropeans is by and large the most obvious.” (Gonzales 84) He is basically saying that our skin or our language was not accepted for the White Americans. We were not worthy people for them, Anglosconsidered us as inferiors. The Mexicans stared a new life in the new country United States; Mexicans got use to the Anglos’ culture, to their language and to work hard. Most of them lost their homes, andother come back to their original country Mexico. Rancheros that were land rich but money poor cut surroundings large portions of their province in order to pay their fees. Other rancheros hired Anglo...
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