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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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Argumentative Essay


Diego Alessánder Téllez


Racism is a big issue to date. Many people are not aware how much racism still exists in our comunity, and anywhere where social lives are occuring . It is pretty obvious tha racism is bad as it was many decades ago but it sure has not gone away at anytime.Many people make the mistake of thinkingthat a child becomes racist depending on the skin color of her / his parents but that is not the case at all.In fact, a chid can not be born racist but only learns to become one as she / he grows fromchild to adulhood.Therefore it is the family the first step for a child to become racist. Then I am strongly sure that parents should change the way they educate their children so as to have fewchances of seeing racist people in the future.

To begin with. Parents are exessively exaggerated on keeping racism alive and breathing in children. parents teach their children how to be far awayfrom blaks. For them,blacks are synoyimous of violence and drugs.Then when most of those children think about the Word “racism” or race relation,the image of whites and blacks shaking hands is not thefirst image they see.This is a big consequence of what these parents are trying to teach.Dr Hiddik says, in the movie called “Behind Racism” (2008), that race relation is being separated every day withstereotipical roles that parents do not stop showing.At this point, it is very common tha parents use sentences such as: God made blacks and whites to keep us separated.otherwise,we would be the sameor whites are better than blacks U.S.A and Africa is a good example about it.These are real problems that parents should pay them attention.

On the other hand, parents allow their children towatch racist movies or television from an early age. Racist contant generates wrong information about interaction between children for the rest of their lives,causing an unapropiate behaviour that...
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