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1. Character sketches

a. Geraldo – Young, likes playing soccer, cared for his sister, born in Latacunga, student, obedient, smart, tall, fir, single, open, single.

b. Rosary –Young, student, seeked brother protection, obedient, liked playing with dolls, learned to manage the family business, had a temper, unappeasable, scared.

2. Family Story

It was aclear, cold and foggy morning in Latacunga. The entire town had already awoken and the sound of breakfast being eaten at full speed reigned the morning. The students were preparing themselves for anotherday of lectures. The sky was clear; the giantess of the mountain reflected the disaster to come. After breakfast the two brothers rushed out to the marrow one lane street. The school was only blocksway, so the short time for talk was exhausted to its maximum.

U sleep well?
Yeah, it was ok I suppose, I hate that stinky bed.
Well, it’s what we have
I know, it’s just you always get betterthings than me
Well don’t I always share?
Ah forget it, pick me up at noon.

The hours passed rapidly and noon approached hastily, but there was something in the ambient that was not quiteright. The sky was dark as carbon and clouds were full of lightning. At quarter passed eleven, the storm was set in motion. Water was pouring from heaven like falls and it didn’t stop. When it was noonthe city had already been flooded and in the street were belongings floating towards the twilight. Geraldo fastly approached his sister school situated her in his arms and ran. In the sort trajectoryto home, the waters had risen from his ankles to his knees. They entered home only to see that all was gone. That night was horrible and no one could sleep. The next day country men approached thecity and said all the belongings had gone to a place which they had called the “mine”. Many tried to find their things, but the “mine” was stingy and most returned defeated, their things had gone...
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