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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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The Ranchu Goldfish is very suitable for ponds and is most striking when seen from above. The Ranchu Goldfish resembles the Lionhead Goldfish, but the posterior dorsal contour is much more curved onthe Ranchu Goldfish. One other distinguishing feature that separates the Ranchu Goldfish from the Lionhead Goldfish is the tail, which is splayed sideways with lower lobes sometimes being locatednearly horizontal on the Ranchu Goldfish. The Lionhead Goldfish on the other hand, has a tail similar to the Fantail Goldfish. 

The Ranchu Goldfish was created during the Meiji Period (1870-1885). Thehistory of the Ranchu Goldfish begins in China, but it was in Japan that the breed was really developed and perfected. The Ranchu goldfish is also known as Buffalo-head Goldfish. There is no officialstandard for Ranchu Goldfish in Japan, but there are established norms that most breeders follow. The must be good balance between the head, body and tail and a Ranchu Goldfish should always be ableto swim around in a graceful and potent manner. It should never look as if the Ranchu Goldfish is weak, troubled by its body shape or having problems swimming. The size of the Ranchu Goldfish is notimportant in shows; it is the proportions that are central when judging this fish. 

The whole body and tail of the Ranchu Goldfish can be deeply red or have a reddish yellow-orange shade. There arealso Ranchu Goldfishes that sports a red and white colour combination, or a combination of white and reddish yellow-orange. Some Ranchu Goldfish have red scales with a white edge, while otherindividuals are completely white. There is also the calico colouration, which seems to be favoured over self-coloured fish. In Japan, a Calico Ranchu Goldfish is called Edonishiki. The back of the RanchuGoldfish should be wide and the fish should be without dorsal fin. The head should ideally be rectangular with a deep skull, and the distance between the eyes should be as long as possible. A Ranchu...
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