Random game

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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Random Game
The random game is games in which the chances of winning or losing do not depend on the skill of the player are but only by random. Hence, most of them are bets which awards aredetermined by the statistical probability of hitting the combination chosen. The betting money or other thing of value to a future event, possibility, or contingency that is unknown or unclear to theparticipants. The essential feature of random is the gamble or the risk you run. The random game is morally acceptable or not, social impact and addiction.
The Bible repeatedly warns us to avoid greedand covetousness. The love of money is the root of all evil. This leads to madness greed, sadness and so on. If gambling is covetousness (greed), as we have stated, then we should expect to find itassociated with all kinds of sin and immorality. Players not only they sin and are tempted to sin themselves, also tempt others to sin. However, become morally unacceptable when they deprive someoneof what is necessary to meet their needs or those of others.
Since the game has been allowed in some countries, it has become a national vice. The random game is a social disease. These affect thesociety in fraud and embezzlement, bankruptcies, suicides and family neglect. We are facing a social mental illness. Pathological gambling, as well as other addictive behaviors or dependent, creates aproblem situation with important social implications. Often, the communities where are open the casino are affected by these social behaviors.
Addiction is a state of dependence to something. Mostpeople have no problem playing, but some lose control of the game. Gambling addiction leads people lose my freedom over their own behavior, the destruction of the family and social ruin. Some signsare from is constantly thinking in the game, lying, family time or feel depressed after play and not leave play. "Gambling addiction is as corrosive as drug addiction and alcoholism in terms of...
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