Rape of nanking

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Rape of Nanking
On May 1 I had the opportunity to listen to the experience of a Holocaust survivor.  I think he is really courageous because he shared the experience with all of us and I am surethat it is hard for him to talk about his experience.  Leaning about the Holocaust from a real breathing person and it is very different than learning from teachers because we learn what books say.
Ourspeaker was born in 1929 and was very young when the Germans invaded Poland.  His uncle, his father and other family members were taken away, his father was later released. He was a really smart boybecause he managed to buy and sell goods when he was about 11 years old.  When he talked about getting his number tattooed was very sad because it was like the Germans had not just taken away theirliberty but also their identity they did not have a name anymore they became just a number. He lost his father, uncle and his sister to Hitler’s crooked mind.  He said that at his young age he did notunderstand how so many people did not show any kind of resistance.  I am sure I would not have understood either.  They thought it was God’s will. The best part of his experience was that he managedto escape.  It is amazing how he fought for his life and how many hardships he overcame. 
Then a read about the Rape of Nanking and there were worst pictures than the ones that I have seen from theHolocaust. There were pictures with piles of corpses of children, fetuses, women and men. I think that the Rape of Nanking was just as horrible or even more than the Holocaust and I wonder why welearn about the Rape of Nanking until now. Students should learn about these events so that they have a more accurate understanding of History. Nanking served as a kind of laboratory in which Japanesesoldiers were taught to slaughter unarmed, unresisting civilians just like the Nazi and it is just as important to learn about the suffering of the Chinese.

The Japanese tortured the Chinese in...
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