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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2012
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Daniel Morgan, Boston, US
From a housekeeping point of view, I suppose a pet is a kind of ornament - the best ornament you can have because not only is it (usually) very aesthetically pleasing, itmoves around the home of its own accord, it is warm and smooth to the touch, and it responds to our presence and keeps us company! From a more biological viewpoint, perhaps it is our instinct to keephorses, camels, goats, hounds, pigeons and other practical animals that drives us to look after more decorative creatures such as cats or goldfish. The same could be said of plants.
Alasdair Patrick,Dana Point, California USA
Wouldn't anyone want a partner who worshipped them, always welcomed them home enthusiastically, ate gratefully at every meal, was content with cheap outings and presentsand gave lifelong loyalty and protection? I read last year that a large number of US women wished they could marry their dogs! Try that lot for a start
G. Baker, S Ockendon
Several points: 1)I don'town my cat, my cat owns me. 2)My cat is in many ways a baby substitute. I'm 41 & a spinster, & need to be needed. 3)got the cat during a very stressful period in my life. It's been proved thatstroking an animal lowers your blood pressure.
You got it wrong Ross, being with humans makes me feel human, playing with my dog makes me feel more like being a dog. As for TezB, someonewho needs to get attention by being insulting is indeed an inadequate individual.
* I admire Olivia from Worcester Park UK, for having the guts and gumption to admit the fact that having babies isnot every woman's cup of tea. As for pets I adore them. I've had cats and dogs and believe me they've been best of friends. So what if we can't go out whenever we want to. Their love and affection forus has compensated for all that.
Joyoti Sen, Navi Mumbai India

People like animals and keep their pets at home. For example dogs are good friends. They can be very helpful in humans life....
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