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___ 1. A Silent God (Father Wales)- On the wall to the left as you enter Little
Eden Plaza. It is surrounded by candles.
___ 2. Misbehaving (Eleanor Lamb)- Inside the Poisoned Apple on the bar.___ 3. The Rumbler (Gil Alexander)- In a pile of ice inside a bathroom.
___ 4. Plasmid Shipment (Jamie Byass)- In the Mermaid Lounge on a table in the
turret/slot machine room.
___ 5. Farther toFall (Augustus Sinclair)- Next to the Power to the People
machine in the Mermaid Lounge.
___ 6. Lamb's Salvation (Father Wales)- In the Maintenance Area next to the
locked door.
___ 7. "FatherSimon Wales" (Daniel Wales)- In the Pink Pearl on a desk in a
small room.
___ 8. Double Standard (Dusky Donovan)- In the Pink Pearl, in a bedroom, on a
table with a record player.
___ 9. Walesan' Wales (Daniel Wales)- In the Pink Pearl, in Daniel Wales'
___ 10. The Date is the Code (Daniel Wales)- On the corpse of Daniel Wales
after you kill him.
___ 11. The Pair BondMechanism (Gil Alexander)- In Plaza Hedone, on the crates
next to the Gatherer's Garden.
___ 12. Bury Her Memory (Andrew Ryan)- In the apartment in Plaza Hedone, in the
kitchen, on the second floor.___ 13. Lamb's Operation (Mark Meltzer)- In the Smuggler's Hideout in Plaza
___ 14. An Empty Niche (Frank Fontaine)- In Joe's Green Grocer, in the
underground room in the flooded area.
___15. Guidance of Lamb (Father Wales)- In the Pump Station Access leaning
against the crates next to the door to the Pump Station.
___ 16. The Requirements of Utopia (Sofia Lamb)- In a waterycorridor next to
Joe's Green Grocer, on a stack of crates.
___ 17. Shackled to the Great Chain (Sofia Lamb)- Leaning against the wall in
the office in the Pump Station.
___ 18. Therapy with Grace 2(Sofia Lamb)- In a file cabinet in Lamb's office,
to the left of the doorway leading to Father Wales.
___ 19. My Name is Eleanor (Eleanor Lamb)- In the very back of the bedroom of
the Little Sister...
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