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Control of Rats and Mice Control de Ratas y Ratones

Rats and mice can be found in homes, farm and ranch buildings, sheds and garages. They are offensive in many ways: 1. They eat and contaminate all types of food. 2. They damage and destroy property. 3. They carry diseases that are health hazards to both humans and animals—diseases such as typhus fever, trichinosis, plague,infectious jaundice, Salmonella food infections, and rat mite dermatitis.

Las ratas y los ratones pueden ser encontrados en casas, granjas y ranchos, bodegas, y garajes. Estos animales son perjudiciales de muchas maneras: 1. Comen y contaminan todo tipo de alimentos. 2. Dañan y destruyen la propiedad. 3. Transmiten enfermedades que son un riesgo para la salud tanto de humanos como deanimales—como fiebre tifoidea, triquinosis, plaga, ictericia (jaundice) contagiosa, infecciones de Salmonela, y dermatitis causada por el ácaro de rata.

Identification of Rats and Mice
The signs of a rat or mouse infestation include droppings, tracks in the moist earth or dusty places, and burrows in the ground. There will be signs of gnawing and runways in the grass or through trash. You also can smellthe presence of rats and mice, especially in a poorly ventilated room.

Identificación de Ratas y Ratones
Los indicios de una infestación de rata o ratón incluyen excrementos, huellas en la tierra húmeda o en lugares con polvo, y agujeros en la tierra. Habrá señas de roeduras y veredas en el zacate o por la basura. También se puede oler la presencia de ratas y ratones, especialmente en un cuartocon poca ventilación.

Methods of Control
The principal means of controlling rats and mice are: 1. Removal of shelter

Métodos de Control
Los métodos principales para el control de ratas y ratones son: 1. Eliminación de refugios.

Texas Agricultural Extension Service • The Texas A&M University System Servicio de Extensión Agrícola de Texas • El Sistema de Universidades de Texas A&M

2.Removal of water and food 3. Use of rodenticides and traps 4. Sealing possible entries to a building Removal of Shelter Piles of lumber, trash or other materials can be shelters for rats. Trash, such as empty boxes and cartons, should be discarded of promptly. Stored materials should be at least 18 inches off the ground or floor, and with space between the material and the wall. Removal of Waterand Food The best way to eliminate the food supply of rats and mice is to store food in glass or metal containers, and to put garbage in tightly covered trash cans. Repair leaky faucets, and remove any water that rodents have access to. Use of Rodenticides and Traps Rodenticides. One effective way of destroying rats and mice, and the one most generally recommended, is the use of rodenticides. Thereare many different kinds of rodenticides available. Most are anticoagulants, which cause death by internal bleeding because they prevent blood clotting. Anticoagulant baits are available in multiple-dose and single-dose formulations. Rats and mice must eat the multiple-dose bait every day for 5 to 6 days, or every other day for at least 12 days before hemorrhages are fatal. Single-doseanticoagulant bait needs to be eaten by rats and mice only once before they die. Since the rodents feel no pain, there is no warning and they continue to feed if the bait is attractive. Exposing the bait For Rat Control. Offer dry anticoagulant bait to rats in 1/4 to 1/2 pound packages. Place bait less than 25 feet apart where rats feed along walls, inside and outside buildings, in dark corners, underfloors, in attics and under stairways. To hurry feeding, cut paper sacks so that bait spills out. Keep replenishing the bait until the rats stop eating. When anticoagulant baits become old, replace them with fresh bait. In addition to the dry form, a water-soluble bait is available for use in water. This is particularly

2. Eliminación de agua y alimento. 3. Uso de rodenticidas (veneno para...
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