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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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The name has no meaning that comes from the island of Malta, but is said to be a rather old breed which was made in 1500 BC ago to islands in the Mediterranean by the Phoenicians.Perhaps this kind of lap race is the oldest and who have been painting for over 3000 years.

Sweet-looking but quite alert, is a small dog with a long look distinguished, well recognizedas a companion dog because it can be with his love for long periods of time presenting affective behavior.

Usually appear in white.

Their fur is white and silk, reflecting thesun, so it is the hallmark of the Maltese.

Being very gentle, confident and obedient, the Maltese loves to be hugged but still must be careful not caused by careless orinconsiderate children. Often enough to protect your family so if you notice they are in danger can not bark or bite the threat.

The better to prevent tangling in her long hair is a daily brushingif possible, since it is quite silky and should do more carefully than other races. Bathing should be regularly and your eyes need daily cleaning to prevent staining, another important areashould be cleaned his ears because they are infected. Other conditions that are likely are problems of the eyes, skin and respiratory diseases.

Sometimes it can be difficult to train soit is recommended to socialize at an early age. Their training should not be hard on the contrary should be done with love, consistency, reward, and consistency. They can learn if you teach itsome tricks for exhibitions, but the truth does not need much training as they are obedient by nature.

They do not need much exercise, can work at home with family sessions or on apatio so you can play and run. As is quite social may result in either a park to take him to remain active as long as being monitored.

12 to 13 years, though many exceed this age.
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