Razones para visitar colombia ingles

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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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I am Alejandro bernal I live in Colombia there is so beautiful and I will tell you the reasons for coming to Colombia
1. Festivals andcarnivals
Colombia has got a lot of carnivals and festivals that celebrate the country is unique culture: the carnival of Barranquilla, black and white people carnival in pasto, the international coffeequeen festival, wayuu festival, and the international festival of colombian plains are just a few to mention

2. Great coffee
Colombia has got the best mild coffee in the world. If you are anespecially avid coffee-drinker, you can actually visit coffee farms in the country is coffee region to see how they make this famous export.

3. La Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta
In the north of thecountry lies the La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. There is the highest snowcapped range close to the sea in the world, peaking at 5.575 metres above sea level, and there is home to The Lost City, builtby Tayronas hundreds of years ago.

4. Varied geography and climate
Speaking of mountains, Colombia is also one of the countries where the Andes Mountains begin. For this reason, the countryhas got a very varied geography and climate. It has got beautiful Andean forests and plateaus, volcanoes and snowcapped mountains, deserts, vast plains and the Amazon jungle in the south.

5. Theguajira peninsula
The Guajira peninsula at the northern end of South America has got a very unique landscape in that the desert and sea are side by side. There is part of the country is inhabited bythe Wayuu people, one of Colombia is largest ethnic groups, there is also famous for the flamingos that live there

6. Biodiversity
there is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world.It has got 1.865 bird species, 471 mammal species, 715 amphibious species, 524 reptile species, 1.357 freshwater fish species, 3.019 kinds of diurnal butterflies, 41.000 sorted plant species out of...
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