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  • Publicado : 22 de julio de 2010
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Alexandra Rodriguez
ESL 116
Book Report of Jane Eyre
Date: December 03, 2009

Reaction to “Jane Eyre Book”

Relating to the Book “Jane Eyre”by Charlotte Bronte, this is about a young girl was raised by her aunt Mrs. Reed. Jane went through several situations. After that she was sent away toLogwood School, she became a teacher there. She accepted a teaching position at Thornfield, where she teaches a French girl name Adele. Jane felt inlove of a man named Rochester. She saved Rochester life from a fire one night. Jane and Mr. Rochester prepared to get married, but it didn’t happenbecause he was already married with another woman named Bertha Mason. After that Jane left him, but few years later they reunion, married, and lived a happylife with their son.
I think Jane Eyre had a difficult life, but at the same time she was a strong woman, considering the time when this storyhappened. Even thou, she had different option, she found the true love, and wait for it. It seemed impossible. Sometime people want to separate those whoreally love, maybe because envy, sometime money interest, or sociality differences, but for real love there is not obstacle. I had seem many story likethis one, but with different ending, not every woman have the passion and the patience to wait for someone that they don’t know if she or he is going tocome. The part of this story that I like more was when Jane and Mr. Rochester gat back together for the second time and finally got married.
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