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Student’s Name | : | Alonso Paredes_____________________________________ |
Teacher’s Name | : | __________________________________________________ |
Dictionary Used | : |Cambridge Dictionary Online___________________________ |
Course | : | Advanced 3______ | Time | : | 11:00 – 13:00____ |
Secrets of the Colosseum

Summary (150 to 300 words)
“Hypogeum, from theGreek, can refer to any antique building or part of building built below ground. There was a series of underground tunnels under the Roman Colosseum where slaves and animals were kept ready to fight forthe gladiatorial games.”Heinz-Jurgen Beste, a German archaeologist and the leader on the hypogeum’s finding, discovered the hypogeum with a German-Italian team in 1996. Everybody was confused andstunned about the complexity of the structure of the hypogeum. This underground building contained 60 capstans, a created room for a four cross-shaped where usually animals used to go to the arena.The wayhow animals used to go into the arena always left open-mouthed people; how slaves worked, like in a ship, moving many things just to get an amazing appeared of animals like lions, tigers, ostriches andleopards; that why gladiators had never known from what place a beast was going to appear. However, to make it simple; the hypogeum had only one use, to astonish, to be in suspense and to surprisethe crowd and to get sure the sow would be a great entertainment.Next, the official spectacle had 4 parts. At the morning like many public event in Rome, started with a procession, the pompa, everyonewho was involved in the show went in the parade. Then, the second part was |

Personal Opinion (Min. 50 words for 150-word summaries | Min. 100 words for 300-word summaries)
“Secrets of theColosseum” change my point of view about the Roman Colosseum. First, because before reading I had always thought that the fights at the arena were boring and simple.However, after reading I found it...
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