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Homes around the world

Candy and Bert from New England
C – Our house is quite old, about fifty years old. It’s in the centre of the village near the church. All the houseshere are white. We have a living room, quite a big kitchen and three bedrooms, and a big verandah all around the house.
B – Our children aren’t at home now. They both have jobs inthe city, so most of the time it’s just Candy and me.
C – Yes, so in summer we do bed and breakfast for tourists. We have lovely visitors from all over the world.
Alise fromSamoa
I live with my family in a house near the sea. We have an open house… er… that is … er… our house doesn’t have any walls. Houses in Samoa don’t have walls because it is very,very hot, but we have blinds to stop the rain and sun. Our house is in the old style. We have only one room for living and sleeping, so it is both a bedroom and a living room. Wehave rugs and we sit and sleep on the floor.
Kwan from Korea
I live and work in Seoul, the capital city of Korea. It’s a big, modern, exciting city, but it is quite expensive. Myflat is very, very small. I have three rooms: a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a room for sitting, eating and sleeping. But I live in the centre of the city, and there are a lot ofshops, restaurants and bars near my flat. My work place is near too. I live alone at the moment, but I want to marry my girlfriend next year.
Manola from Lisbon
I live in the oldtown near the sea. It is called the Alfama. I have a very beautiful flat. There’s just one room in my flat, one very big room with one very big window. My bed’s next to the windowso I see the sea and all the lights of the city when I go to sleep. I live alone, but I have a cat and I’m near the shops and lots of friends come to visit me. I love my flat.
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