Reading comprehension

Book 1

Evaluation Unit 1
LISTENING comprehension
You are going to listen to a folk tale about Brer Monkey. It is called ‘How Trouble Made the Monkey Eat Pepper’.


As you listen, answerthe questions: a Where does the story take place? b What did Ma Minnie use to make? c What did Ma Minnie drop? d Who ate the molasses when Ma Minnie had left? e What did Monkey really want when he askedfor ‘trouble’ in the shop? f What did the shopkeeper sell Monkey? g What was inside it? h How did Monkey escape? i j Why did Monkey eat the fruit from the tree? What actually was the fruit? 5 marks(half mark for each correct answer)

Now listen a second time and check your answers.


Use your answers to the questions to write a summary of the story. 5 marks

Reading Comprehension
1Read the following passage from Barry Hines’s novel.

A Kestrel For A Knave
The wood was a narrow black band beyond the fields, growing taller and taller as Billy approached, until it formed acurtain stretched out before him, and the top of the curtain appeared to touch the stars directly above. He climbed on to the stile and looked into the trees. It was dark on both sides of the path, butabove the path the foliage was thinner, and the light from the moon penetrated and lit the way. Billy stepped down off the stile and entered the woods. The trunks and branches lining the path formedpillars and lintels, terraced doorways leading into dark interiors. He hurried by them, glancing in, right and left. A scuffle to his left. He side-stepped to the right and began to run, the pad of hisfeet and the rasp of his breath filtering far into the trees. WO-HU-WO-HOOO. WO-HU-WO-HOOO. He stopped and listened, trying to control his breathing. WO-HU-WO-HOOO. Somewhere

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evaluation Unit 1

ahead, the long falter radiating back through the trees. Billy linked his fingers, placed his thumbs together and blew into the split between them....
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