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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2009
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Pinky Madam, women, feministic analysis
According to Marxist and material analysis of texts the mentioning of something is equally important and revealing as what is not mentioned. This also applies to any feministic analysis made on the book. In this case meaning the lack of female characters that hold a central and meaningful, poly dimensional role of substance in the book. The only womenwho has a central position in the story is the narrowly depict Pinky Madam. The bare fact that only one woman in the book is thoroughly presented is highly revealing about the sort of “side kick” value that women have. Meaning, she has a social value as long as she is relevant in the life of a man. As I read more of the book, and the various working environments are revealed in, I see no trace ofwomen as servants or entrepreneurs.
Her character might, or might not, be portrayed to reflect the reality of Indian view on women and the socially constructed view of the roles of gender. It might, or might not be an exaduration of what is believed, by the outside world to be, the stereotypical and traditional view of women in India. This might, or might not, reflect the reality of India and itsview of men/women or whether it purely is Adigas interpretation of what he believes is the general view on the role of women in the social society of India . What would be most interesting to know, in the reflections upon Pinky Madam as a female representative in the book, would be which of all these ways (or possible other) did the author choose while writing the book and what the intentionswere when creating, the only women, Pinky Madam as a simple track persona. Now obviously the only person holding the answer to that question is Adiga himself. I’m not looking for that answer but I like to keep in mind, as a mental note, the different possibility of the purpose to why she is portrayed as the following, so that I don’t get to upset by her weakness and simplicity:

It isimpossible to see any complexity, indicating an element of independence or intelligence, in Pinky Madam as she, although, throughout the book is exposed to different incidents/events but responding to them with a limited range of emotional capability. Meaning, Pinky Madam always is whimsical, egocentric, high maintenance and somewhat sadistically patronizing and when stretching the shades onthe emotional pallet she will also show an uncontrolled hysteria. On page 133 for example it is briefly mentioned (but nevertheless still mentioned) how Balram always have to clean the car from all dozens of tissues that Pinky Madam will use in one day and then just throw away wherever inside the car. This confirms in a concrete way (not just buy a subjective disruption from Balram) howinconsiderate and egocentric she is.

Like a child- Gullible, unable to control herself when getting upset. It is illustrated several times (trough conversations when she does not get her way she will either start shouting and when getting no result just sit and be sour) how she behaves like a child who needs directions in learning when to control your feelings. She is alsogullible like a child when she comes to India in the belief that Mr. Ashok only will need a couple of month before they go back to the States. She is also not even involved with their plan but she is just waiting for her husband to take the lead and decide when they are ready. The same nature of situation occurs when they leave for Delhi for “business” and the stay for much longer thanwhat her husband had originally said they would, resulting in her (basically) begging with her “softest of voice” that she want to go, calling Ashok Ashoky. Furthermore, Pinky Madam is not self-sufficient nor has she any desire of so becoming.

Dealing with crisis- Pinky Madam has no self-command in dealing with crisis or canalizing her emotions and is estimated to need some...
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