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Student’s Name | : | Carlos Ulffe |
Teacher’s Name | : | Mafer |
Dictionary Used | : | Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary |
Course | : | I1 | Time | : | 7:00 – 9:00 am |Changes of Heart

Summary (150 to 300 words)
The article talk about a the Echo Glen Children’s Center’s program called Canine Connections, who brings unwanted dogs and incarcerated kidstogether.The Echo Glen’s residents have committed serious crimes, including robbery and murder. Most of them have a very hard history and have been diagnosed with depression or other mental illness.A supervisorof Echo Glen, Jo Simpson modeled this eight-week program course, and takes ten students at time to provide intensive training in dog handling and grooming. One advantage of this program is about theskills that the kids acquire to be use in the outside world. Beside of that, they also learn how to care and how to be responsible. They could see positive changes that they can make in their ownlives. Before to Simpson assigns a dog to a student, she hands over the animal’s case file and kids have to learn about their dog’s background and personality. They must analyze the dog’s behavior andalso analyze themselves.After two months, the dogs learned basic commands, corrected their behavior problems, and are ready for adoption. Finally the graduate dogs be show it in websites and people whowant to adopt them can get one.But not everything is beautiful, because the program can’t protect its students from the pain of separation. To make it easier, adoptive families take the dogs home onweekends at first, then the kids have successful interviews with the new owners to discuss the dog’s care, likes and dislikes, training history and health,.The kids will train another dog soon so theydon’t have too much time to be sad, a new dog is waiting for their help. |
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