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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2010
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Advertising all over the world

1 How can a rabbit be stronger that a football hero? How can a rabbit de more powerful that a big strong man? In the world of advertising, this is quitepossible. Consider the example of Jacko. This great Australian football hero recently appeared on TV and yelled at the audience to buy products. Jacko’s angry campaign worked well in Australia, soEnergizer batteries invited him north to sell their product in the United States. But Jacko’s yelling did not convince the American audience to buy batteries. So, good-bye, Jacko. Hello, Energizer Bunny,the little toy rabbit that has sold far more batteries than Jacko.

2 In the world of advertising, selling products in the most important goal. As companies are becoming more global, they arelooking for new ways so sell their products all over the world. It is true because of global communication, the world is becoming smaller today.

3 But is also true that the problems of globaladvertising—problem of language and culture—have become larger that ever.
For example, Braniff Airlines wanted to advertise its fine leather seats. But when its advertisement was translated from English toSpanish, it told people that they could fly naked! Another example of wrong translation is when Chevrolet tried to market the Chevy Nova in Latin America. In English, the word nova refers to star. Butin Spanish, it means “doesn’t go.” Would you buy a car with this name?

4 To avoid these problems of translation, most advertising firms are now beginning to write completely new ads. In writing newads, global advertisers must consider different styles of communication in different countries. In some cultures, the meaning of an advertisement is usually found in the exact words that are used todescribe the product and explain why it is better that the competition. This is true such countries as the United States, Britain, and Germany. Buy in other cultures, such as Japan’s the message...
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