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Steve jobs
Lots of people felt sad when Steve Jobs died, and they felt as they had lost a friend although they had never met him.
In the college Steve said to a scientific professorthat his laboratory needed a computer and he had a good one coming up.
People who worked with Steve said that he was a very hard working person, that he want6ed his team to do the best. Healso wanted to have the best products and for having that you have to build something you would like to use it for the rest of your life.
To sum up , Steve was a very creative personwho wanted to transform technology into magic and he wanted to transform the world and of course he achieve that.
Niemeyer cultural centre
The Niemeyer cultural centre maybe has to closeits doors for at least 2 months because of some irregularities in the accounts.
The Niemeyer´s directive has concentrated his activities on celebrities and has wasted a lot of money onhotels, meals, trips… and now they realize they need this money for other more important things.
Aviles´ mayor, Pilar Varela, sais she is not going to waste something that makes the citygetting money, so she is going to do her best for the Niemeyer.
London 2012
Next year London will have his Olympics and everything has to be already on time, so everybody need to workhard.
If you don´t have already applied for some tickets, it´s going to be difficult to get some because it´s too late. But you can assist to some free events, such as the marathon,cycling races… if you want to be a volunteer it is also too late.
All the infrastructures more less are going to be on time. However, there are some problems like the one with the West Hamstadium.
Depending on the sports, the sport men are going to arrive at different times, for example the ones which are related with the sea are going to arrive earlier than others.
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