Realismo vs idealismo

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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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“Idealism is like a castle in the air if it is not based on a solid foundation of social and political realism.”Claude McKay

In this essay I will talk about what realism and idealism is, I will mention the difference between them and my goal is to try to inform the people about these twoideologies and to give my personal opinion of both.

Realism explains the motivation of states as simple self-interest maintained through the practice of power politics in the global view. Also realismemphasized the limitations that can exist on politics that are given by human nature, when there is a lack of participation in the international government. This creates an atmosphere of interest andpower. Which this two important words will be the principal concern of all realistic countries in order to survive and, also, to try to be more powerful every day. By the other hand it exists, the totalopposite for Realism, it is called Idealism. This political ideology said that it must have to be a balance of power in order to survive. Idealism point of view is richer than the realists,especially in how state preferences and national interests are formed. The idealism emphasizes, much more, international institutions, multinational corporations, and international law. Idealism will alsoargue against the military influence in a state. The idealistic states will try to work together to solve their problems; and they know that for accomplish this, they will need organization and to helpeach other. On my opinion the idealism has a more optimistic point of view, and I think that the realism is very egocentric, because of the lack of concerned for others. However, they go hand tohand and they can get to complement each other perfectly.

Realism, in my personal opinion, stresses the competitive spirit between nations and a side that tends to end having a conflict. In the...
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