Reasearch proposal

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Research Paper

The topic I am thinking for my research paper is obesity in children. I know this topic is very interesting, but also I know that it might be very long. I wouldlike to talk specifically about obesity in children from one to six years old.
When I was back home (Mexico), it was weird for me to see an obese kid, especially with the age ofone to six. Once I got to this country I was surprised to see the little kids at the park and they could barely run. I saw this case in my own family. My little cousin was threeyears old and he was in a diet because of his weight. It was really sad for me. I couldn’t believe that being so little, he was suffering of obesity.
I believe that this subject willbe interesting for the classmates, or friends or even Ms. Jensen. I think that some of the classmates in this class English 1 have kids between this age and it will be good to letthem know the importance to feed their kids well since little.
I would like to start looking for information about, what is the cause of obesity on children, and what parents aredoing to help their kids. I know there is a lot of information related to this topic. Internet, magazines, books, etc. In order for me to write about this topic, I’m thinking oninterviewing a friend of mine that is a Pediatrician I know he can answer some of my questions.
At this time I just have the topic. I would like to know if this is a good one toresearch about. Also I would like to know if I should focus in just one state of the United States such as California or focus in the whole country. I know this is a complicatedsubject (Obesity in Children from one to six), but I believe that it is very interesting. Ms. XXXXX I would like to know what you think about my proposal before I start writing about it.
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