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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Student: Torres Denisse
Teacher: MS. Moreno

Person whoconspires plotter.

Lack of proper care or attention, neglet.

Ties condictions that cannot be changed.

A legal action in which a person or group sues to collectdemages for some harm that is done.
Preliminary proceding:
Coming before the main business, leading to something more important.

A member of a jury.

A sum of money used as asecurity deposit to ensure that an accussed person returns for his or her trial.

Writ of habeas corpus:
a court order that requires police to bring a prisoner to court to explainwhy they are holding the person.

Ex post facto:
A law that would allow a person to be punished for an action that was not against the law when it was committed.

Search warrant:
A court orderallowing law enforcement officers to search a suspectis home or business and take specific items as evidence.

Search and seizure:
Search and seizure. The fourth Amendment entitles. A search warrantis a court order issued by a judge who agrees that the police have probable cause to conduct a search of a particular person or place.

Double jeoupardy:
Putting someone on trial for a crime ofwhich he or she was previously acquitted.
Plea bargain:
To make an agreement in which a defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge and the prosecutor in return drops more serious charges.

InsanityMental illiness or derangement. No longer in scientific use.

Wrongful acts for which and injured party has the right to sue.

Intentional tort:
Done by intention or design.

beyond aveasonable doubt:
on or to the farther side of out of the reach or sphere of.

Civil case procedures:
Of or relating to citizens or to the state as a political body.

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