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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2010
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| 2009 |
| American Forests
Katrina Marland


“When I tell people that I work for American Forests magazine, I get someinteresting reactions. Some of my less-informed acquaintances will smirk and say, "A magazine? For an organization that is against cutting down trees? Isn't that just a little ironic?" What these peopledon't realize is that in the world of publications, American Forests magazine is exemplary in the specific precautions it takes to ensure the most responsible use of our natural resources.
Despitecommon assumptions, American Forests is not against use of products that come from trees. Our forests are a natural, renewable resource. However, this use must be at all times responsible, with greatrespect for the ecosystem that provides us with so many products and benefits.
Our magazine is printed on FSC certified paper. This does not simply mean recycled paper, as many believe. The ForestStewardship Council prohibits practices that are detrimental to trees and forest ecology. For instance, to become an FSC certified forest, one must not allow the conversion of natural forests into use fortimber, or allow the use of dangerous pesticides. It must also respect the rights of any of the forest's indigenous people, and maintain the ecological integrity of the forest. These are just a few ofthe FSC's principles. Any product with the FSC logo on it comes from a forest that has been responsibly maintained and harvested in a sustainable manner. To learn more about the FSC, visit Forests magazine has been granted the FSC Mixed Sources logo because our magazine is made of materials from FSC certified forests as well as recycled material. This, however, is not all wedo to ensure that we make the minimum impact on our planet.
We also print the magazine with soy based ink, which is cleaner to make, and more biodegradable than wholly petroleum-based inks. In...
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