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AIRPORT HOTEL .—hotel aeropuerto— it is an hotel near the airport. Sometimes for turist that the next day will fly again

ACCESIBLE.—acesible— that can be acces

ADJOINING.—contiguo— next to each other

AIR-CONDITIONER.—aireacondicionado— instrument to controled the temperature

AMENITIES.—servicios, instalaciones—the things of house and the conforteble instruments

ADJUSTING.— ajustar—something that can be changed

ANNEXE.—anexo— it is an extra edification

ATTIC.—atico— it is the room at the top of a building

ACCOUNTS.—contabilidad—the departament which controled the money

ANSWERABLE TO .—respondede— responsible to

APPRENTICE.—aprendible— someone who is learning

ABANDNEDO.—abandonado— noone live here

AGENCY.— agencia—place where give you information aln organiced travels

APARTAMENT.—apartamento—it is an small flat that you use for live in

ACOMODATIONS.—alojamiento—place to stay in


BED AND BREAKFAST .—cama y desayuno— in the price of the bedroom is incluyed too thebrekfast

BUNGALOWS .—small houses whit one storey

BROCHURE.—propaganda—informative paper for the tourist

BILL.—cuenta—displatch note

BUFFET SERVICE.—servicio de buffete—where guests serve themselves for a number of dishes

BEACH UMBRELLA.—sombrilla—you use it to protec under it of the sun

BONUS.— plus, prima—something pleasant in addition to what was expectedBUDGET.—presupuesto— a inicial price before do something

BUSSINES CENTER.—centro de negocios—it is a room to do bussines

BARGAINING.—trato, pacto—it is an agreement between some people

BELL PERSON.—it is the person who is in the recepcion

BARGAINING.—regatear—argument between the buyer and the seller about the price of somethinhg. The buyer want the object more cheaper

BIG ROOMS.—habitacionesgrandes— room with a lot of cubic meters

|Agua |Water |
|Agua mineral |Mineral water |
|Aparato de cerveza a presión |Beer pump |
|Aves y caza|Game and poultry |
|Barra |Bar |
|Bebida |Drink |
|Bebida alcoholica |Alcoholic drink |
|Bebida no alcoholica|Non-alcoholic drink |
|Bebida refrescante |Soft drink |
|Camarera |Waitress |
|Camarero |Waiter |
|Carne asada|Roast meat |
|Carta de vinos |Wine list |
|Champán |Champagne |
|Chef |Chef |
|Cliente/a|Customer |
|Copa de vino |Wine glass |
|Cuchara |Spoon |
|Cuchillo |Knife |
|El cubierto...
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