Receta de pizza en ingles

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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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Hello Professor Alexander in this video will talk about how to make a delicious pizza step by step, and each of its ingredients, and hope is to your liking.

This recipe reachedfor three large pizzas.

Well to start we will use the following ingredients:

1 kg of flour, olive oil, salt, sugar, ham, pepearon, pineapple, yeast, baking powder, tomato saucefor pizza or pasta, whipped cream and butter type mainly wanted to do.

We will also use some kitchen utensils as:
Spoons, roller flour, beaters, wood stove or gas, small bowls andcontainers.

Step number one:
Separate the ingredients to better manage and facilitate the gathering of materials and light the oven for the facilitation of the heat.

Step numbertwo:
Place flour in a deep bowl about 250 grams of salt and a little olive oil and yeast were mixed in this way with the best hand gun till you can.
Then we add the sugar, bakingpowder and water to taste.

Step number three:
Stir ingredients and beat positions and while we're going to add water to our taste ... ... ... ... .. to leave a rich mass of thisform and let rest 15 minutes flour.

Step number four:
With hands create little balls with flour and let stand list.
Step number five:
We spread butter on our tray where fence toput our dough and sprinkle flour over it the same.

Step number six:
Move the flour so that we form large wheels flour the same thickness.

Step number seven:
We spread the sauceon our pre more and sew in the oven for three to five minutes.

Step number eight:
After we spread the flour pre sewn sauce to your taste and add our desired ingredients.Later: We sew our pizza about eighteen minutes or till they look good.

We took our pizza from the oven and eat us.
Well, here ends our video thank you for your attention.
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